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As of one week ago, I walked the walk at graduation and rounded out my study time here in Barcelona. Dmitry outwitted the rather unpleasant “bouncer” to get inside the auditorium and all pictures are courtesy of him. (The University inexplicably hosts the ceremony in a space not big enough to accomodate friends & family for whom the ceremony was probably created in the first place.)

The evening started off with three heads of the university congratulating the students. Immediately after, however, the procedings took a turn for the weird. What followed was a 45 minute lecture on the value of stem cell research, complete with photos of regenerated chicken livers and covers of Time magazine to prove the the topic’s importance in modern science. A member of the faculty staff sung an aria from Handel’s “Rinalda”, confirming that this divine gift belongs to professional musicians. The Masters student class president then gave a speech wishing us luck, success, etc, etc and by the end got so confused from switching between Catalan, Spanish and English that, after stumbling on a word, completely confused, spitted out “I’m sorry” in all three. The finale was the student choir singing the University’s alma mater. I’d never heard it before, but apparently others felt quite at home belting along to “Gaudeamus igitur.” That’s Latin, by the way.

Running to get that diploma

With Jorge, my thesis advisor

Europeans are not prohibitionist when it comes to alcohol, and the Unviersity set up tables with cava and little tapas to top off the celebrations. I remember at Cornell, the administration actually wrote in block letters on the commencement program “Families, please do not bring in bottles of champagne or other alcohol beverages, as they will be confiscated.” Not only did I share a glass with my thesis advisor, but he actually accepted the invitation to have a beer with our class afterwards. So cool! We drank, we ate, we signed yearbooks. Yes, Meagan– an American girl from the Masters, created a ‘zine full of pics of our class, and between gulps of beer we scribbled sweet somethings to one another.

The end is the beginning, and after an hour of being there I realized the club patronized to shake off a year’s worth of accumulated knowledge was the first I’d ever been to in Barcelona visiting my friend Katy a decade prior. And it all comes full circle.

Meagan, 'zine editor extroadinaire

Class of 2010

Congrats my fellow UPF Masters of Political Science 2010 peeps!!! We done it yo!


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