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Thought we´d finally make it official: this fall Dim and I are both starting grad school. After years of late night conversations about making it happen and thanks to a kick in the pants with the down economy we´re making good use of our time and furthering our education. Whee!

We both got accepted into our schools of choice and are really psyched to start. Dim is getting his MBA from ESADE in Barcelona, while I´ll be in the Masters of Political and Social Sciences program at the University of Pompeu Fabra, also in Barcelona.

It´s going to be really weird switching from a hectic NYC work life in marketing and IT consulting (you know who´s who!), but after months of travel down here in South America and meeting loads of people from around the world, its very clear that a Masters, another language, and international experience are really going to be important to our futures.

We´re back in New York August 1st and around until the end of the month, so come for a visit before we take off! We´re going to be clearing out our place, so if there is anything you´ve been eyeing, like, oh I don´t know, those square bookshelves, college Econ texts, or the taxidermy´d pirhana, come and get it. Also, now is that time to plan your much desired Barcelona trip. You have an official crash pad.


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Top of the Rock

Excerpt from an email I just sent my dad:

Today we made it to Aguas Calientes, which is the town directly below
Machu Pichu, and tomorrow we make the ascent. The Salkantay trek was one of the hardest I´ve ever done in my life. Most days, we´d wake up at 5:30, and be on the road at 7, walking until 6PM or so (about 20km). On day two we ascended to to 4650 meters through the Salkantay pass, which was sooooo exhausting but incredibly beautiful. Dim, Johnny and I made it through like champs, thanks to the power of the coca leaf. No joke! No altitude sickness here. The mountains flanking our sides were covered in snow, we even saw an avalanche, and up above were blue glaciers. That same day after lunch we descended to the (techincally upper) jungle, with loads of fruit trees and vegetation.

Last night camped in Santa Teresa, where the owner of the palce had a pet monkey. It bounced around all afternoon from palm tree, to people´s arms, to the inside of a local van parked nearby, to our dinner table, from which he had no qualms helping himself to a generous scoop of sugar. Now Dmitry wants to get one as a pet and I´m in a bit of a quandary since I have no better ideas for his upcoming birthday. We bathed that night in very well maitained and toasty thermal baths, which were amazing since we had been cold and sans running water for the previous three or four days.

In our group we have six American girls, of which four are doctors and two are in the navy. Pretty bad ass. Unfortuantely for them, this did not help four of the girls from getting a horrible stomache bug and vomiting like mad for several days, while the fifth twisted her ankle. Such drama! The rest of the crew is a super cool family from Chile.

Today everyone was healthy and in good spirits and for one of the girls birthdays the cook made a cake, which is incredbily considering the bare bones camping facilities.

Sorry for the lack of updates the last few weeks. Since we made it up to Bolivia internet has been a big luxury, but now that we´re almost at Machu Pichu I had to share the news.

Really looking forward to being home soon–August 3rd! and seeing (hopefully) most of you all.

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