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Just when you thought it was all political mumbo jumbo…I’ve stumbled onto some papers on division of household unpaid work (aka: chores) and child caring.  Ooh juicy! And pertinent to every life! Perfect for testing out the theories on all my friends…

The main question is how couples divide up household tasks, how they’ve arrived at that proportion, and why have these things been changing over the years. You’d be surprised, but its been studied in all sorts of fields, including economics, political science, demography, gender studies, and psychology.  Theoretical models include Institutional Effect; Specialization; Time Constraints;  Social Exchange/Economic Bargaining; and Gender Ideology/Socialization.  If you’re into it, I’d be really excited to send you more info.

And now….two questions for you:

[I’m still not sure how I feel about this polling methodology, so write-in responses via the comments section are most welcome!]


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Blankets of Rain

Friends frequently ask what crazy, exciting things I’m up to in Barcelona.  So, here is a short response I recently wrote a friend:

Winter here has been really rainy and I’ve officially gone and come back from being stir crazy.  Our apartment, like the majority here, aren’t centrally heated, so even though it never really dips below 40F, its chilly and I find myself hiding under a blanket quite a bit, which, as you can imagine, is not particularly conducive to studying. I returned from my madness yesterday, because the sun came out, and Dmitry and I took the first train out of the city to visit Sant Cugat, a medieval town lying beyond the Barcelona hills, famous for a 13th century monastery. We saw an old man sketching a beastly form within the cloister.  He’d apparently painted nearly all of the 100 columns, according to his friend, also an elderly gentleman standing next to him, seemingly busy distracting our painter with off-color jokes. It made me wonder how my own parents will be spending their retirement years…

Last weekend the city celebrated Carnaval. Its nothing crazy like Brazil, but there is a small gay-friendly sea-side town about 30 minutes away called Sitges that throws a killer parade each year, so we went out to take a peak. Let me tell you, you CAN combine glitter, with faux leather chaps, and velvet. It was pretty awesome. But now, its back to being rainy, so under the blanket I go.

Within Sant Cugat Cloister

Park in Sant Cugat- those support beams have been there since 1970!

Dim gives the Sant Cugat Merce Dolls a Squeeze

Carnaval in Sitges

Drinking mate with our guest Josep at home at 3AM, post dinner paaarte

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Take a peek at how people across the major US cities commute to work: via car, bike, foot, or public transit.
I think the # for public transit/foot/bike is quite higher in Barcelona, but would be interested to know the actual figure for comparison…

How Urbanites Commute to Work

via Good blog

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